10 Reasons To Get A Cat

Cats have a special relationship with humans. Often, it is said that they are independent. But cats are able to give more spirit to your home making it more lived in than ever before. If you need companion but you’re undecided about getting a cat, here are 10 reasons to get a cat!


Cats are cuddly… when they want to be.Cats like to cuddle

When it feels like it, a cat will jump up, sit on you and demand to be stroked and cuddled. Make the most of this moment, if you do it properly and make the cat feel loved, it will do it more often.

They are also a source of inspiration

Cats are life models. They are the embodiment of calm and serenity. It’s not that your cat doesn’t understand you, it’s that it doesn’t care because it doesn’t find what you’re doing or saying important. Watch a cat as it stays fixed looking out the window at the landscape for hours. You will soon realise that maybe they are right to act like this.

download (11)If you’re bored, a cat will help you kill time

Despite it not needing you to play, you can always try to take part in the playing. If it allows you to do so, you can spend some time to amusing your friend. And that is never a waste of time.

They’re clean

Cats clean themselves and do their business in the litter tray if they are thought to. Basically, there is no particular need to clean a cat and they don’t necessarily need to go out. The only thing is that you will find fur on the carpets and furniture.

You won’t have any rodent problems againcats hunting

Do you have rats or mice at home? You need a cat. Cats are hunters and have a predatorial instinct. If they hunt, it’s giving into their natural instinct. If it brings you back a dead mouse, it’s simply a gift as it thinks you can’t hunt and it needs to feed you like a member of its family. Accept the offer but don’t eat it!

They are silent

Unlike dogs, cats don’t bark. That being said, they meow when hungry, when they want to be let outside or come back in. These are the only times you’ll hear it.

A cat is a presence

A cat is also a companion that will liven u you home, be it in an active or passive way. When your cat is sat in the chair next to you, you feel its presence and that is always reassuring. So if you feel lonely, get a cat…Or two…Or thee.

Your cats purring is good for your health!

It has been scientifically proven that the sound of purring has therapeutic effects. It has a relaxing effect similar to meditation. Just as much for the cat as for the person hearing it. The sound helps with regaining energy and is created when experiencing intense emotion. That is why both ailing and happy cats purr.
One purr = one less difficult moment!

They are a smaller investment than a dogcat money

Be it in terms of money or time, cats represent a smaller investment. According to studies performed by Wamiz (French cat site), the average spent every year on a dog is 800€ whereas it is only 600€ for a cat. Furthermore, a cat can take care of itself in the case you have a short period of one or two nights that you can’t look after it. It won’t be mad at you.

Finally, they are full of surprises


Cats have a funny way of always surprising us, be it from their reaction to something or their 15 minutes of madness. In fact, this is why they are number one in online GIFS and videos.

Get a feline, add a cute side and a bit of madness and you have a cat. Film it just at the right time and you’ll have a viral video in no time.


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