Cat Worms – How to Get Rid Of Internal Parasites

Cat worms are internal parasites. There are different kinds of worms. A few are dangerous, but all can be prevented.
Tape worms, flat and ribbon-like, are probably the best known. They resemble grains of rice. You can see the white segments of tape worm in your cat’s feces.

Tape worms are intestinal parasites and live from the food your cat eats. They more or less cat-mouserob it from the intestines.
This may sound worrisome, but tape worms are only harmful in severe cases. Cats that really suffer from tape worms become restless. They lose weight and are in a generally poor condition.
Your cat may get tape worming. Some tape worms are also transmitted by other animals. If your cat comes outside and hunts for mice, it might pick up worms.


Other widespread cat worms are roundworms. They are thick and white and can be up to 10 cm (4 inch) long.
Again these worms live on food from your cat. These cat worms are often seen in feces and vomit. This is of course unpleasant. However, most infested adult felines do not suffer very much.

Mother cat, Dainty, with her five kittens behind her.

Disturbing about round worms is that kittens may get them from their mother. Unlike adult cats, kittens may develop serious diseases as a result of round worms.
In general, worm tablets should not be used until a kitten is six weeks of age. But if your kitten has round worms since birth you might treat them under supervision of your vet, once they are three weeks old.


If you want to breed, have your cat checked by a vet, and if needed dewormed, before mating.

Hook worms mostly live in hot humid areas. They are known in Australia and in some parts of America. Cats that live in areas with a milder climate seldom have hookworms.

Hook worms are dangerous. They cause anemia and diarrhea, and sometimes even kill a cat. The feces of an infested cat occasionally show blood.

As said, cat worms are often found in feces. Hygiene is therefore an important factor in preventing worms from infesting other cats, if you have two or more.
To fight cat worms tablets are available. It is recommended to ask advice from your vet before using these tablets.


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