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Hiya! My name is Chester and I’m a handsome (even if I do say it myself) black Labrador and I live with Amba and Bodi in Devon, just a quick trot from the beach, Exmoor and the south west coastal path. I thought you might like to know our side of this Pets for Travel Scheme so here goes.

It started back in September when we three thought we were being taken to the beach for a swim and socialise – there is some pretty hot totty in our neck of the woods I can tell you, especially during the holiday season and I’m not one to let the grass grow……

Instead it was a trip to Mullacott Veterinary Hospital to see our old friend Gareth. Now personally I don’t mind going, all the vets are pretty cool dudes but the girls, well panic or what! I keep telling them there is nothing to worry about but they say it’s not the same for girls as most of the vets are men! Anyway Gareth and Mum had quite a chat, I must admit I didn’t understand all this human conversation but words like holidays, boats, beaches kept cropping up which was fine by me. Eventually Gareth tickled the back of all our necks and then waved a wand over us and that was it! Nobody cried, not even the girls!

We went back a few more times to have injections and a blood test and apart from the humans getting very excited when the postman came one day nothing much happened until the 27th February. We could sense something special was about to happen and sure enough our car was being got ready. Amba is a sort of head girl type and plays things cool because as she constantly reminds us she has been everywhere with Mum, Bodi as usual made a nuisance of herself jumping in and out of the car to check our favourite food, treats and toys were being packed.

I'm always prepared when I travel!

Finally we were off, first stopping at the local beach where I had a great time and as there was some talent watching from the cliffs I kept dashing in and out of the sea, pretending to frighten the girls. We resumed our journey but we three dozed the whole time only waking up when we reached a hotel. We could smell the sea and Amba said it reminded her of when she went to Ireland so that’s the place we all put our biscuits on!

Next morning bright and early after a good play in the hotel grounds and a light meal we were off again and joined a queue of other cars with lots of people but no dogs in them. Bodi said that would put a stop to my showing off but I just pushed her out of the way so I could see out of the window instead.

Everything seemed really exciting until this man with a uniform came along and spoke to Mum – his words chilled us all to the core “You do know that if you are not in possession of the right documentation these animals will have to go into prison for 6 months on your return Madam?”

We were all horror struck. Bodi was furious he had called us ‘animals’ I was more concerned about all the toys I might not see for a very long time and Amba was just very very quiet.

To be continued…..


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