Is it normal to still be grieving over a cat that passed two years ago?

I lost my cat Sherman almost two years ago (September 14, 2010). I still remember the shirt and the jewellery I was wearing that day and the song that was playing on the radio when I look him to the vet. I still remember the last time I looked into his eyes and the lady next to me who told me what a beautiful cat he was. He had a nasal tumour, and he died on the operating table when they stuck the breathing tube down his throat. It was such a shock to me, and the vet didn’t even call me to tell me. I called the office to ask when I could pick up my cat, and it was only then that the vet told me what happened. I literally cried all the way home from work and all night long. For weeks I would cry at least once a day. I had Sherman for 11 years and got him as a kitten. I don’t have any children of my own, so he was like a child to me. Even now when I think about him, I sometimes still get tears in my eyes. I miss him so much. He was with me through so many hard times in my life… especially when I went through my divorce. He would always come to me and cuddle with me on my lap. It was such a blessing to have him. My heart still aches for him and I would give anything to see him again. Is it normal to still be grieving when he passed almost two years ago?

I lost my cat

Remember, everyone grieves differently. You might just be moving a bit slower than others in your trip through the grieving process… I think that the closeness between you and Sherman is what makes it so hard for you to move on. I think that what you’re experiencing is normal. I got a cat named Tigger when I was three or four years old; I had to move when I was ten, and unfortunately I had to get rid of Tigger. We gave her to someone we knew, but I was very upset about losing my cat. Then, about five years later I found out she had passed away. I didn’t even “own” Tigger when she passed and I still grieved over her death. In fact, I still get upset when I think about her. Anyways, I think the grief you’re experiencing is normal. I hope you figure out something that might help ease the pain… and I hope this helped. Perhaps you’ll be ready for a new animal sometime in the future? Only time will tell, I suppose… Good luck; try to stay positive!

Of course it’s normal to grieve over a loved one. Even though Sherman was a cat, he probably felt like a family member to you. Everybody is different, some people may say that it isn’t normal, but others will cry along with you. I cried for months when my gerbil died. I hope this makes you feel better. ~Ivee~

Of course it’s normal! Maybe if you were able to you could get a kitten so maybe you would be happy about that cat, and wouldn’t be thinking about Sherman. It’s hard losing a pet. I still am upset about a cat I had that passed away four years ago. Sorry about your loss!

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